Dear friends, our coverage this month is intense indeed. Today, we are revisiting once again the upcoming re-edition of the complete discography of the Czech death metal icon Tortharry, "25 let mezi nebem a peklem", to introduce the next piece of the collection.

That being the fourth studio album "White", originaly released in 2003 in CD format by CBR. In a way, this album is a turning point and stands somewhat apart in the overall context of the band's discography.

"White" was the last album that Tortharry recorded in the Hacienda Studio of Miloš "Dodo" Doležal, and as the band attests, this time the session was strange, as Dodo threw out of the window, so to speak, all the material from preproduction and said that if the guys want him as a producer, they have to re-do everything according to his direction. That indeed happened though it created a tension within the band, stemming mainly from disagreements between Jarda Rubeš and Martin Vacek about what the album should be like. All that was probably projected into the album, which sounds different than what one is used to in case of Tortharry.

It is apt to note that said disagreements were not warded off, whereby after the "White" promotion tour, Jarda Rubeš left the band to a great surprise of the other members, thus concluding one era of Tortharry.

However, to end on a lighter note, while recording "White", Tortharry accidentally visited a ball in Žirovnice, organized by the supporters of the Prague football club AC Sparta. That would be no big deal, if not for the fact that most of the band were proud fans of the arch-rival club, Slavia, and they did not hide it from those present at the ball. Problems were then only a matter of time :-)

This episode was also captured in our comics series. The issue in question is available here.

"White" tracklist contains 12 songs plus intro, and as usual, you can listen to one, i.e. the third track "Of Sould and Flesh":



Enjoy and more next time.

"25 let mezi nebem a peklem" is released in a limited 300 pieces issue Decemeber 17, 2016, by MetalGate Records!