Dear friends, another installment of the coverage pertaining to the complete re-edition of the discography of Tortharry, "25 let mezi nebem a peklem", that is being prepared for the 25th anniversary of this Czech death metal icon, is here!

Last time we began introducing the individual parts of this collection, so today we shall continue and move on to the second studio album "Book of Dreams", which was released in 1997 in CD and MC format under Taga Records and Schneider Music.

This album meant the first contact between Tortharry and Miloš "Dodo" Doležal (a well-known figure on the Czech metal scene), for it was in his Hacienda Studio that this piece was recorded. At the time, the construction of the studio was not yet finished, and so Tortharry decided to help out, which meant decorating the main chill-out area with all sorts of posters. This original decor is still visible today.

Even this recording has its share of booze time stories, the most peculiar of which pertains to Tortharry's sound engineer Pedyk, who one evening drank two bottles of ketchup in a bottoms up fashion with the intent of getting more drunk than he already was. Well, cheers!

The tracklist of "Book of Dreams" contains 10 songs, and again to one of those, i.e. the eighth one entitled "Dumb", you can listen to below.



Enjoy and more next time!

"25 let mezi nebem a peklem" is released in a limited 300 pieces issue Decemeber 17, 2016, by MetalGate Records!