Dear friends, time to progress in our coverage pertaining the special re-edition of the entire discography of the Czech death metal icon Tortharry, entitled "25 let mezi nebem a peklem". As we mentioned last time, we will gradually introduce all the parts of this collection.

Beginning with studio albums, specifically today with the debut one entitled "When The Memories Are Free". This album was released three times already - first in 1994, when it was originally recorded, and later in re-editions in 2008 and 2014.

The album was recorded in the Past Studio near Hradec Králové, which was owned by the musician Pavel Sonda, who is the author of the memorable sentence, for the band at least, "Enough with the beer gentlemen", which refers to Tortharry going on a booze binge while recording, so much so that Martin Vacek could barely stand while recording the vocals. It was then that this warning was uttered.

Btw., this episode was caught in our comics series that we ran in 2013, when mapping the history of our festival MetalGate Czech Death Fest. The issue in question is available here.

The tracklist of "When The Memories Are Free" contains 12 songs in total, and to one of those, namely the second track on the album, entitled "I'm afraid", you can listen below:



So enjoy and more next time!

"25 let mezi nebem a peklem" is released in a limited 300 pieces issue Decemeber 17, 2016, by MetalGate Records!