Dear friends, yesterday, we were visited by a delegation from Tortharry. Why? The reason is thus. This Czech death metal icon celebrates this year 25 years on the scene and for this ocassion, MetalGate Records shall release a COMPLETE RE-EDITION of the entire band discography, entitled "25 let mezi nebem a peklem"!

And we mean complete, for it shall contain:

  1. all studio albums, i.e. "When The Memories Are Free", "Book of Dreams", "Unseen", "White", "Reborn", "Roud Table Of Suicide", "Beneath" and "Follow";

  2. all demos, i.e. "Mezi nebem a peklem", "Flames Of Eternity" and "Incriminated";

  3. rare bonus songs and the only, never officially published, demo of Executor, the band that directly preceeded Tortharry!

10 CDs in total, packed with death metal to the roof, in a special digipak with a brochure that contains not only the band history, but more importantly, unique photos.

"25 let mezi nebem a peklem" shall be released December 17, 2016, precisely for the celebration of 25 years of Tortharry, in a limited 300 pcs issue!

Today, we are commencing the coverage of this special project, starting with photos from the deal signing, which you will find on our FB page.

In the upcoming installments, we shall look closely on the individual parts of the collection, so stay tuned for more.