Dear friends, it is time for another installment pertaining to our premier endeavor of literature publishing. Last time we informed you that this title shall be released December 1, 2016. Today, we shall reveal the title's name as well as a bit regarding what is it about.

So, on December 1, 2016, we shall unleash "Kniha kovu - část 1" (Book of metal - part one). As the title suggests, it is the first installment from a series mapping the history of Czech metal, though not en masse, bur rather vis-á-vis the evolution of individual subgenres. Part one covers how the traditional styles of black, death and thrash metal came to the local scene, primarily through memories of those who were there. So, no dry encyclopedia, even though lists of key milestones and bands will be there.



That is it for today and next time, we shall see who the author is. So, stay tuned!