Dear friends, it is time! Today, the new album "Simple" of the Czech metal-soul icon Six Degrees Of Separation is officially out as a six-panel digipak! Who attended MGCDF 2016 surely has it already, the rest head on to MetalGate e-shop.

Czech metal-soul icon with an unmistakable hit-making signature is celebrating 20 years, which, if you look at the young faces of the band members, is a milestone worthy of the Obama-like reaction known in the meme world as “not bad”. More so, if we take into account the ongoing and still interesting activities of this melodic band that works with strong guitar motifs, unique sounds, solos and refrains that are emphasized by the signature vocals of Radek “Doktor” Zábojník, whom we can consider a nerd version of Slayer’s Tom Araya.

The straightforward title of “Simple” reflects the grace with which SIX DEGREES OF SEPARATION, these days already seasoned veterans, are able to generate new, strong songs, while keeping their signature style that reveals the inclination of individual members toward guitar music in any form imaginable. This ten-tracks long piece comes from the proven Šopa Studio, produced by the acclaimed Staňa Valášek. 

“Simple” is a distinctive, beautifully sounding album from a band that knows very well what it wants, is not avoiding other metal and even rock influences, and despite its sometimes progressive rock feel, it is still at the forefront of making catchy songs with hit potential. If you want to know what SIX DEGRESS OF SEPARATION are nowadays all about, check out the “Fury” music video! 



Complete press release available here.

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