Dear friends, today the split album "Damnation & The Rotten Brood" of the packs Awrizis and Desire for Sorrow is officially released in digisleeve format! Order now on MetalGate e-shop



MetalGate Records is releasing its very first split album, wherein the melodic black metal pack DESIRE FOR SORROW from České Budějovice and psychedelic “groovers” AWRIZIS from Havířov joined forces. With seven songs in total, the album contains two EPs, “Damnation” (Awrizis) and “The Rotten Brood” (DfS), recorded in MetalGate Studio, with which both bands present their faces for 2016. And the masks used for the “theatre of gods” this time are quite distinct!

AWRIZIS, a brainchild of the guitarist and vocalist Frodys, known for his other post-rock project Postcards from Arkham, or his previous involvement in the metal-HC pack Primary Resistance and in the no longer active Czech doom metal legend Dissolving of Prodigy, is all about modern groove metal with dynamic metalcore riffs and excellent melodies, which means that “Damnation” is a helluva ride from start to finish. DESIRE FOR SORROW is a horde known for its skilled handling of symphonic black metal, which makes them ideally suited for all fans of Dimmu Borgir or Cradle of Filth. After their debut “At Dawn of Abysmal Ruination”, the band focused intensely on live shows, changed line-up a bit so that it can show its teeth on “The Rotten Brood” EP.

Both bands crossed paths in March 2015, when Frodys toured with Desire for Sorrow as a session guitarist. And it was then that the idea of a joint project was born. Then came the victory of DfS in the fifth installment of the bands contest MetalGate Massacre, with one of the prizes being a recording session in our studio, where Frodys already recorded the latest album of his post-rock project Postcards from Arkham. So that took care of the question where to record, thus the idea could become a reality, and it did. Recording took place in late 2015 and early 2016. DfS songs were then sent for mix and mastering to Tue Madsen from the Danish Antfarm Studio, whereas the Awrizis part stayed with us. Album art was taken care by maestro Frodys in concert with Lenka Machová from Ador Dorath, who was also involved in several of “Damantion” lyrics.

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