Dear friends, the fourth studio album "Black Tracks" of the Moravian cyber metal pack LIVEEVIL  comes out today under MetalGate Records in the digipak format! Nine fast-paced blasts, produced by Kärtsy Hatakka (Waltari), the unmistakable signature of Peter Staněk. You want this! Order now on MetalGate e-shop!

The Moravian-Norwegian cyber metal pack LIVEEVIL just concluded their two-year effort and brought us the fourth studio album “Black Tracks”. Do not let the title fool you, for it contains nine fast-paced and mostly melodic cyber blasts that bear the unmistakable signature of Petr Staněk, the band frontman and one of the icons of Czech metal.

The new album is fascinating from several aspects simultaneously: in terms of its artistic intent, has a strong international background and features several guests.

Recording of the album lasted more than a year, first in Prague (Soundevice Studio), then in Helsinki (Nosturi). Mixing took place again in Finland (SN-Audio Jyväskylä), as well as mastering that was done by Mr. Svante from Chartmakers Studio. The overall production was overseen by Kärtsy Hatakka, frontman of Waltari.

Beside LIVEEVIL themselves, Petr Staněk additionally invited Andrea Baslová and Robert Picka as guest vocalists. The producer Kärtsy also happily lend his vocal cords. Drums on the whole album were taken care of by David Bartošek as the guest drummer.

The outcome of this multi-layered cooperation is an album packed with a dense sound and overcharged with an electrifying atmosphere that leaves the confines of what is usual in Czech metal.

Individual tracks, containing seemingly diverse motifs, are nonetheless connected by a theme of solitude, but one with a persistent feeling that someone is watching. As encapsulated by Petr Staněk in the opening monologue to the song “Vibes”: “Every second of our existence is a singular moment in perceiving of persistently new events. The space stretches into infinite depths, where other races live. Believing that they are not alone, they move in various trajectories dangerously close around our solar system. In the instant when they discover our planet, we will no longer be alone. We will no longer be as sure as we are today. The fate of tomorrows shall be shrouded in mist as never before in the hi(t)story of mankind.”



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