Dear friends, we have breaking news out of MetalGate Records, a.k.a. your surely favorite entertainment column.

On Friday, October 2, 2015, our offices were visited by the thrash-death metal veterans of ANTIGOD from Havířov for a friendly meet and to sign the deal for a new album, which will be entitled "WARELIGION"!

We thus welcome ANTIGOD to the ranks of MetalGate Records! More info about the new album will come soon. In the meantime, check out more photos from the deal signing in the gallery on our FB page.

With regards to ANTIGOD, there is one more piece of news necessary to mention, that being the arrival of the infamous vocal killer Chymus (ex-Isacaarum), whom we wish happy birthday today, to the band as the new vocalist. It will be his signature vocals that you will hear on "WARELIGION".

Get ready!