The stars are right! The second studio album "ÆØN5" of the Lovecraftian post-rock project Postcards from ARKHAM is out now in digibook format. Order on MetalGate e-shop!

There are many bands that draw inspiration from the mysterious, dreamlike, simply weird world of the American novelist H. P. Lovecraft. One such band can be found also on the Czech scene, though you would look for it in vein within the metal genre. What we refer to is POSTCARDS FROM ARKHAM, a post-rock project, whose mastermind is Marek “Frodys” Pytlik, who arose from the iconic North Moravian doom act DISSOLVING OF PRODIGY, as well as from the melodic death metal band AWRIZIS. Now PFA return with their second studio album with a cryptic fateful title “ÆØN5” that will take you to the world of lucid dreaming beyond angled space, where a different music of the spheres reigns supreme.



Already the first album of POSTCARDS FROM ARKHAM, entitled “Oceanize”, was a breath of fresh air on the Czech not only metal scene. “ÆØN5” goes way further. Once again, maestro Frodys took care of all music and instrumentation and conjured up a unique mix of nostalgic and poetic post-rock sound combined with a horror narrative. Here and there even an isolated black metal scream appears, more often however a splendidly sounding spoken word, uttered for example by the diva Lenka Machová from ADOR DORATH, who besides that participated on the visual and lyrical side of the album. State-of-the-art production was brought in by Libor Kukula from MetalGate Studio, thanks to whom the record was endowed with a strong, atmospheric sound. However, no longer is POSTCARDS FROM ARKHAM a studio band, whereby you can see them live on stage. Recently, “Postcards” appeared on the 20th anniversary of one of the largest metal festivals in not only Central Europe – Brutal Assault. In autumn, they will appear again, this time touring with ADOR DORATH and SIX DEGREES OF SEPARATION, so be sure you do not miss this occasion!

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