Today we return to the upcoming second studio album "ÆØN5" of the Lovecraftian post-rock project POSTCARDS FROM ARKHAM, whose release is less than two weeks away!

We continue our coverage of the album art done by the PfA mastermind Frodys and Lenka Machová (Ador Dorath), meaning that today we are revealing the full frontcover, which precisely reflects the overall oneiric ambiance of the whole record...

"To walk the stage of night,
in light of the sleeping world.
To watch for own imagination filled balloon,
on the horizon."

Apropos, you may notice that the album art was sent to R'lyeh itself (47°9′S 126°43′W) for approval. Though our representative, who presented the art on site, was never seen again and his pet parrot had to be committed into an asylum, the elder stamp was gained in the end.

On top of that, we are throwing in the album tracklist as well. You can look forward to eight compositions, meaning whole 35 minutes of atmospheric music.

So, enjoy and whet your appetite even further, we shall next time look at how the "ÆØN5" digibook itself looks like.

Pre-order here: special edition / standard edition