In less than a month the second studio album "ÆØN5" of the Lovecraftian post-rock project POSTCARDS FROM ARKHAM shall be released, and so it is time to continue our coverage.

And since there was an intermission in it, there is no better way to start than a reminder of what transpired thus far around "ÆØN5".

For this purpose we thus bring you a documentary that precisely encapsulates all the important developments, whereby you will learn, among other things, that:

  • The album took shape in MetalGate Studio where all the instruments were recorded and where mixing and mastering took place, as well as in GM Studio wherein all vocals, featuring iwosh and Lenka Machová from Ador Dorath, were captured on tape.
  • The song "Aeon Echoes" was turned into a splendid music video directed by Martin Ferko that combines the theme of Alice in Wonderland with the aesthetics of Tim Burton and the motifs of H. P. Lovecraft.
  • The album comes out September 30, 2015, under MetalGate Records in digibook format, and is available for pre-order on MetalGate e-shop also as in a special edition with unique bonuses.
  • POSTCARDS FROM ARKHAM return to the stage in a brand new line-up that premiered on the 20th anniversary edition of the Brutal Assault festival.
  • Moravian forests are a truly poetic place to come and sit in.


So enjoy and next time, we shall begin showcasing the album art.