Dear friends, welcome to the third installment of our coverage regarding the upcoming new full-length "Paměť kamenů" by the Czech death metal veterans Tortharry. This time, it is primarily the album art that is in the spotlight.

You could already glance at the frontcover of "Paměť kamenů" last time, today you can look at it properly. It was authored by Gary Ronaldson from the Bite Radius Designs studio, whose artworks are on the album covers of such icons as Napalm Death, Misery Index, Kreator or Primordial. The overall layout and design are then the work of Jaromír "Deather" Bezruč, the court visual designer for Tortharry.


As usual, we also have for you the album tracklist, which consists of the following nine blasts:

Pohřeb naděje / Hořké rozloučení / Odpočinek / Památeční / Ozvěny staletí / Smírčí kameny / Oheň na svazích / Temný úděl / Strážci nenávisti

So, enjoy and more next time!