Dear friends, after a couple literary-musical fusions, we are concluding the first half of our release plan for this year on a purely musical note, heading to the realm of alternative post-rock. Please welcome "Kontinuum", the new full-length by the Czech ambience makers Tengri!


The new material, to be released early next month on a vinyl, comes two years after their latest release, the split album "Ur" with Drom, and six years after their last full-length "Ekliptika".

Staying true to their musical vision of purely instrumental post-rock, the cornerstones of "Kontinuum" shall once again be a strong atmosphere, great deal of emotions, and almost concert-like authenticity. Noteworthy is also the album dramaturgy, wherein the tracks are sorted chronologically according to when these were composed, thus capturing its gradual development. Or as the band puts it: “It is in a way a reflection of our lives.”

For more context, the Prague-based TENGRI have been active on the Czech scene since 2010, having thus far released one demo, two full-lengths and two split albums. You will find them primarily in the alternative currents of Czech underground.

Hence conclude the opening announcement of our coverage regarding this title, with more information coming, as usual, in the weeks ahead.

So, enjoy and stay tuned!

Video by Woll Design