Dear friends, the first half of this year, as far as the release plan of our label is concerned, is certainly all about special projects, whereby today we have reached the third one of those. In a sense, it is a closing of a circle, since it brings us back to the Grandiose Magus Jiří “BigBoss” Valter and his creation, namely the part that is summed up by the word “Kärgeräs”!

The stories of the mythical nation, its heroes and its creator, the Magus Equirhodont, stretch through much of BigBoss’s artistry like the proverbial red line. You can thus find them on albums of not only his main band Root, but also of his side or solo projects. Not all however has been turned into music, which brings us to the core of the matter. For BigBoss penned part of the saga down as a work of literature, primarily expanding the lyrical framework of the 1996 “Kärgeräs” album, and it is this expansion that we shall publish next month already as a tome entitled “Kärgeräs, ztracený národ”.

That is not all, however. There is another part to this release, containing that which came to be under the Equirhodont project, established by BigBoss in Fall of 2002 to tell the tale of the creator of the Kärgeräs nation in a more cohesive form. You can thus also expect the reissues of the “Equirhodont Grandiose Magus” and “Black Crystal” albums.

Therein concludes the opening of our customary coverage regarding this release, with more to come as usual in weeks to come. So, stay tuned!


Video by Woll Design