Dear friends, a while ago we mentioned in passing that there are several special projects to be found in our release plan for this year. And it is today that we can unveil another one of those; one that certainly fits the definition of “unusual”.

Tom Necrocock (ex-Master’s Hammer, Necrocock, Kaviar Kavalier), one of the iconic personae of the Czech metal scene, as well as of the broader music one, surely needs no special introduction. If you have been following his career, you could not have missed the fact that, beside many other things, Necrocock is also a passionate gourmet and the master of the culinary arts, which he has been diligently pursuing for many years, and now have decided to preserve it for posterity!

And since MetalGate cannot miss out on something like that, be it so that our next enterprise in the field of literature takes form as “Necro Cook: Podivuhodná kuchařka Toma Necrococka & Houbové Marie”, which is planned for next month already!

Gear up for more than 200 pages of the best necro-recipes for all four seasons, culinary advice and remarks, or recollections of gastronomic adventures from Necrocock’s countless travels.

And to make matters even more fascinating, the whole thing has a musical dimension as well. Alongside his Extraordinary Cookbook, Necrocock also composed a tree-song EP “Tafelmusik (Das Vorgericht)” to be its soundtrack, as well as the overture to his next full-length.

Thus concludes the intro of our coverage, with more details to come in weeks ahead. So, stay tuned and enjoy!

Video by Woll Design