Dear friends, you may recall "Altars of Ignorance", the latest full-length by the Czech death metal veterans Tortharry. Just in case, let us reiterate that it is their 10th full-length with which the band celebrated its impressive 30th anniversary on the scene. When "Altars of Ignorance" was officially released this June, we furthermore announced that this piece will come back later this year, since besides the standard CD format, it will get its vinyl iteration as well.

And this one is at last right around the corner so to speak. So, mark your calendars - the "Altars of Ignorance" LP shall be unleashed next Monday, December 6.

On top of that, TORTHARRY also have a new music video in store for you, i.e. for the song "Carousel of Grief", that is coming out just a day earlier - on Sunday, December 5.

There is thus plenty to look forward to indeed. And to get the proper vibe going, as well as to recall the musical qualities of "Altars of Ignorance", we have for you in the meantime the penultimate track "The Heritage" as a live video that was filmed on this year's installment of our/your Czech metal feast MetalGate Czech Death Fest.

So, enjoy and stay tuned!