Dear friends, we are again browsing through the upcoming Czech edition of the "Masterpieces 2019" artbook by the English publisher Heavy Music Artwork, glancing today at the next two galleries.

The third one in line is entitled Influential Artist of the Year and presents the work of such a visual artist, who has been long linked with the metal aesthetics and thus often cited by other visual artists as a source of inspiration. The name that appeared the most in the year before last was that of the American artist Brent Elliott White, whose art can be found on album covers of Megadeth, Amon Amarth, Death Angel, Thy Art Is Murder, Carnifex, Heaven Shall Burn or Trivium. In addition, he is also involved in concept design, video game art or comics. Check out his portfolio here.

The fourth gallery is the Honorary Artist of the Year and is the showcase of such a visual artist, whose talent merits a special recognition, so much so that his work is presented not only in a separate section of the book, but also on the cover of Masterpieces itself. We already mentioned the holder of this honor for 2019 in the secong installment of our coverage, but to reiterate, it is the Indonesian artist W. Muchlis, aka SaberCore, who, as a specialist on digital art, focuses mainly on album and book covers and film poster design, for which he recieved in 2018 the IMOBA Award (Indonesian Box Office Movie Award) for Best Horror Poster. More of his work here.

So, enjoy and more next time!

Video by Woll Design