Dear friends, welcome to the second installment of our coverage regarding the upcoming Czech translation of the third volume in the Masterpieces artbook series by the English publisher Heavy Music Artwork with the selection of the finest metal artworks of 2019. Today, we are looking at the visual side of the book as such, as well as its structure so that we can dive into individual chapters in our future installments.

So first, here is the frontcover of Masterpieces 2019 by the Indonesian artist W. Muchlis, a.k.a. SaberCore, whose specialty is a surrealist digital illustration that can be found not only on album covers, but also on book covers or movie posters. You like? 

Second, contents-wise, Masterpieces 2019 keeps to the pre-established structure of the series of content division into galleries, which are seven this time:

Best Artwork of 2019 / Master Artist / Influential Artist / Honorary Artist / Highlight Artist / Best Boxset / 100 Artists with 100 Bands on 100 Releases

The first six galleries thus focus either on specific titles or on individual artists, while the last one features the remaining finest metal artworks from the year before last in different sub-genres.

You can thus come across such bands as Dream Theater, Megadeth, Death Angel, Amon Amarth, Demon Hunter, Atrocity, Avantasia, Beast In Black, Betraying The Martyrs, Born Of Osiris, Combichrist, Crypt Sermon, Devil Master, Hate, High Reeper, In Flames, Mammoth Storm, Municipal Waste, Rotting Christ, Savage Master, Savage Master, Skyblood, Swallow the Sun, The Deathtrip, This Gift is a Curse, Twilight Force, Une Misère, Vile Apparition, Visceral Disgorge or Within Temptation.

So, enjoy and more next time!

P.S.: additional info available as usual in the latest press release here.