Dear friends, MASTERPIECES are back! Yes, in our release plan for this year we are to this popular art series by the English publishing house Heavy Music Artwork to pick up right where we left off. Meaning that this December, we shall publish the Czech translation of the third volume of the series - "Masterpieces 2019" - with the best metal artwork from the year before last!

Gear up for more than 100 pages divided into seven galleries that contain album artworks from such bands as Dream Theater, Megadeth, Amon Amarth, Municipal Waste, Hate, In Flames, Rotting Christ, Swallow the Sun or Within Temptation.

For those who may have not heard about Masterpieces, allow us to briefly reiterate a bit of context:

Heavy Music Artwork is an English publisher, established in 2012, that decided to focus on the metal-related visual artistry, which (as we can all surely agree) is on the scene as important as the music itself. The first title of Heavy Music Artwork was an eponymous magazine, which has been running for 16 issues now (each one thematically dedicated to a particular part of the metal esthetics). Later on, their operations were expanded with artbooks, some of which became regular book series, which brings us to Masterpieces.

The first book in this series appeared in 2017, followed by four more installments to date. The core of each Masterpieces is the presentation of the best metal frontcover artworks for the given year and across the styles of the metal genre. In addition, the book also showcases the works of selected metal visual artists, vis-á-vis several categories, such as the Master or the Highlight Artist of the year. In short, it is the best of in metal, only in terms of the visual and not the auditory.

That would do for the start of our usual coverage, though of course in our next installments we will look at each gallery in more detail. So, stay tuned and since ours is a Czech translation, we recommend you check out the English original as well.

Enjoy a more next time!

Teaser by Woll Design