Dear friends, welcome to the second installment of our coverage of the upcoming vinyl release of the second full-length opus "Arcizlo" by the Czech black metal triumvirate NĀV. Today we shall change the usual sequence a bit a dive into the complete visual solution of the album!

Below you can thus check out the full cover of the vinyl (i.e., both front and backcover), as well as insert and the design of the vinyl itself, which comes, as we mentioned last time, in two color variants, i.e. black and oxblood red.

On a final note, it is apt to mention that the album artwork comes once again from Kera Uno, who worked with NĀV already on their debut "Smrtci". Layout and design were then taken care of by the guitarist and vocalist Ivarg.

That is not all, however. As usual, we are also adding the "Arcizlo" tracklist, which offers no less than ten majestic compositions:

March Towards the Dying Sun / False Messiah / Shadow of Man / Hang the Saints / Fallen / Lost Kingdom / The Enabler / Gaia / Looking into Abyss / Pick Your Poison

So, enjoy and more next time!