Dear friends, last weekend the Břitva Awards for 2020 were announced and the results certainly made our day!

First, we won the Company of the year category. Second, the biography of FORGOTTEN SILENCE "Syndrom zapomenutého ticha" by Lukáš Hořínek and Alexandr Nováček similarly ended first in the Book of the year category. Furthermore, Václav Votruba and his memoirs of Tom Necrocock gained bronze in the same category.

Our music releases performed splendidly as well. The split album "UR" of the tandem DROM and Tengri gained second place in the category Minialbum, split & single of the year, the full-lengths "Certa Omnibus Hora" by The Corona Lantern and "Old Dogs" by Six Degrees Of Separation ended on fifth place in the categories Album of the year - black & doom and Album of the year - death & thrash, and Voluptas gained sixth place in the category Discovery of the Year with their "Towards the Great White Nothing" full-length.

Finally, we must also mention the Music video of the year category, wherein Postcards From Arkham ended third with their "Mutual Distortion" music video from the "Oakvyl" full-length, and the aforementioned The Corona Lantern gained the fifth place with their "Through This Swamp of Oblivion" music video from the also aforementioned "Certa Omnibus Hora" full-length.

We would like to thank very much all the hard & heavy journalists who voted either directly for us, or for our releases, give congrats to all awarded bands and artists, and of course give big thanks to all of you who keep supporting our activities! We hope that this year's projects will also be to your liking.

Thanks again!