Dear friends, today we bring you the third installment of our coverage regarding the upcoming anniversary 10th full-length "Altars of Ignorance" by the Czech death metal veterans Tortharry, in which we shall dive, first and foremost, into the album art.

As in case of the previous albums, the artwork was done by the Czech visual artist Jaromír "Deather" Bezruč, whose frontcover follows the esthetic direction that began already with the "Follow" full-length. You like?

Furthermore, we have here as usual also the album tracklist, which consists of the following nine blasts:

Intro / Reversed Dorians / Corrosive Haven / Altars of Ignorance / Carousel of Grief / Self-Fettered / Silent Psalm / The Heritage / Forget Us Like We Will Do

Finally, we would like to sirect your attention to the current press release as well, wherein you will find additional info.

So, enjoy and more next time!