Our first distribution partnership headed to France for the country's label M & O Music. After three months of getting to know each other, we reached an agreement at the end of 2014 and became partners in the field of distribution of metal CD.

Titles released by MetalGate Records are now being sold in France and albums released by M & O Music in turn here. The first batch of titles, mostly from this year's production of this French independent label, can be found in our e-shop (Czech version only). 


M & O Music is an independent label, established in 2009 in Languedoc - Rousillon in southern France. Thus far, the label released approx. 60 titles, dstributing them both in France and abroad via music stores, mail order and on all digital platforms for legal download.

MetalGate e-shop currently offers the following M & O Music titles:

A Failing Devotion

The Fallen

modern metal/metalcore

All Dogmas We Hate

Human Wrath


Black Swan

16 Minutes

progressive rock metal


The Bringer of Death


In Arkadia 

Eyes of the Archetype

melodic death-core


The Time To Do Better


Dead Side

Sous Les Cenderes


Eryn Non Dae




Days of War

melodic death metal

Dead Cowboy's Sluts

The Hand of Death