Dear friends, here comes the third installment of our coverage pertaining to the upcoming split album "UR" of the Czech tandem of the post-metal icon DROM and the alternative post-rock veterans Tengri. Today, we are following up on the album art, for not only the frontcover, but also the overall design is worth looking at more closely.

We shall however pick up, where we left off, i.e. with the cover. Though it may seem that the impressive main motif is another example of nowadays popular digital graphics, it is not the case, as its author Ma Rie Fišerová used the old-school approach, technique-wise. The cover is thus the result of a combination of linocut, embossing and analogue photography, with only minimal post-production.

And since the LP packaging will be in gatefold form, Ma Rie could thus utilize this fusion of techniques also on the inside, where she added painting on top everything else. The central motif of natural materials is repeated here as well.

The LP will also include a booklet, and even that will be anything but run-of-the-mill, for it is printed on special transparent red paper, so that it corresponds with the vinyl itself, which is also transparent red.

In general, Ma Rie thus aimed at as authentic and at the same time minimalistic design as possible, which turns "UR" into a distinct collector item. Feel free to browse below some of the other elements used in the album art and get ready for the final iteration in several weeks time.


More info about the split is also available in the current press release here.

So, enjoy and more next time!