In case you missed it, our label division of melodic blackened death metal SECRET OF DARKNESS released their very first music video for the song "Blinded" from the current album "Neotericus Universum" which we released in December 2014 and which is available on MetalGate e-shop. So, go check it out, now!



SECRET OF DARKNESS first gained attention with the release of their debut EP “…and the Dark Begins”. Later on, the band teamed up with MetalGate Records which released their full-length debut “(In)Humanity”. The second studio album “Neotericus Universum” further elaborates on the style the band established on its debut, bringing denser sound and gloomier ambience, as well as more complex compositions such as “The Crown” that was recently released as a single. No less important is the aforementioned narrative component, as it is a conceptual album, which follows up on and further delves into the themes of its predecessor “(In)Humanity”. The album was recorded in the acclaimed Šopa studio under the supervision of Standa Valášek; the album art was then taken care of once again by David Polák, SoD guitarist.

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