Dear friends, our coverage is back with another browsing through the upcoming Czech edition of the "Masterpieces 2018" artbook by the English publishing house Heavy Music Artwork! Today, we are glancing at the last two galleries.

The seventh and largest one is titled "100 Artists with 100 Bands on 100 Releases", and it is in this one that you shall find a comprehensive selection of the finest metal frontcovers from last year, belonging to albums for instance by Alien Weaponry, Alkaloid, Axel Rudi Pell, Behemoth, Chthonic, Conan, Dark Buddha Rising, Deströyer 666, Gorod, Church of the Cosmic Skull, Insect Ark, Monstrosity, Monte Pittman, Opeth, Powerwolf, Shining, Stryper, The Lion’s Daughter, Therion, or Vitamin X. There are several Czech connections as well, i.e. Franta Štorm with his cover art for the latest Master's Hammer album "Fascinator", Václav Trajer who illustrated the cover to split album "Rope Enough for Two" of the doom metal tandem Bludy Gyres and Dayglo Mourning, as well as the split of Inferno with the Greeks Devathorn, the cover art of which was made by José Gabriel Alegría Sabogal.

The eighth and final gallery is named "Returning Artists from Masterpieces 2017" and it is a look back at the previous installment of this series, i.e. at those artists, who in the year that followed also authored extraordinary works. Herein you can come across cover art for e.g. At The Gates, Lucifer's Child, Nothgard, or Iskald.

So enjoy and more next time!