Dear friends, here comes the second part of our coverage pertaining to the upcoming Czech edition of the "Masterpieces 2018" artbook by Heavy Music Artwork. Today we would like to take you inside the book itself to glance at its contents.

In the video below we will thus take a look at the first two galleries that the reader will comes across.

The first one is entitled "Best artwork of 2018" and presents simply the finest metal frontcover of last year, which came from the "Firepower" album of the legendary JUDAS PRIEST. The art was authored by the Chilean visual artist Claudio Bergamin, who in his work focuses mainly on sci-fi and fantasy genres, so it is no wonder that his artworks can be found also outside the area of music, for example on the covers of books dealing with cryptozoology or the paranormal. On the metal scene, Claudio Bergamin has worked with such iconic acts and musicians as Accept, Battle Beast, Arjen Lucassen or Rob Halford. You can check out more of his art here.

The second gallery is entitled "Master Artist of the Year", presenting such a visual artist, who within the year in question created a truly outstanding portfolio of frontcovers that received a well-deserved high acclaim. For 2018, said mastery went to the Brazilian artist Gustavo Sazes, whose clients are such iconic names as Machine Head, Morbid Angel, Epica, Sodom, Legion of the Damned, Sepultura, Exodus or Iced Earth. For us at least, it is interesting to note that Gustavo Sazes also authored the artwork for the latest single "Metamorphosis" of the Czech ambient/djent/post-metal project Between The Planets, as well as for the latest full-length "Vzdálení" by the Czech thrash metal outfit Flowerwhile. You can check out more of his art here.

In a final observation, it is apparent from our video that "Masterpieces" are not purely a collection of images, as each work is accompanied by a text, either by the artist himself or by the band in question, that provides background as to how the artwork was created and what the meaning of what it depicts is.

So, enjoy and next time we shall browse through another two galleries!