Dear friends, as there is never enough of books, we are preparing for you this year one other piece of literature, namely the Czech edition of the artbook "MASTERPIECES 2018" by the Heavy Music Artwork publishing house, which we shall release in early December!


And since you are surely interested in what it is all about, let us indulge you in a bit of context. HEAVY MUSIC ARTWORK is an English publisher, established in 2012, that decided to focus on the metal-related visual artistry, which (as we can all surely agree) is on the scene as important as the music itself. The first title of HEAVY MUSIC ARTWORK was an eponymous magazine, which has been running for 11 issues now (each one thematically dedicated to a particular part of the metal esthetics). Later on, their operations were expanded with artbooks, some of which became regular book series, which brings us to "MASTERPIECES".

The first book in this series appeared in 2017, followed by the second installment in 2018 and a third one currently in the works. The core of "MASTERPIECES" is the presentation of the best metal frontcover artworks for the given year and across the styles of the metal genre. In addition, the book also showcases the works of selected metal visual artists, vis-á-vis several categories, such as the Master or the Highlight Artist of the year. In short, it is the best of in metal, only in terms of the visual and not the auditory.

And it is the second volume of this series, that is, the best of metal artworks from last year, that we shall this year publish in Czech translation!

Today thus begins our coverage pertaining to "MASTERPIECES 2018", wherein we shall look at the unique tome in greater detail. In the meantime you can glance at the book frontcover in the video above, which features a piece by the French artist Vincent Fouquet (creator of album art for eg. Inquisition, Tsjuder, Naglfar or Susperia).

So enjoy, stay tuned for more, and since our version will be in Czech only, we highly recommend you check out the original!