Dear friends, in our recent announcement regarding the first batch of titles by MetalGate Records now being available also in digital form, we mentioned that we shall look at these in greater detail. Today, we shall thus begin with that, starting with the first item on the list, "Toxin" by MINORITY SOUND!

"Toxin", the fourth full-length of this Czech cyber metal orchestra, was released in April 2019 and in a way may be a suprise to the fans of MINORITY SOUND, as it is a far heavier and rawer piece compared to its predecessors, being closer to dark industrial than to cyber metal as such, which was given by the unsetteled circumstances that informed its creation.

You can hear for yourself, as we are now streaming the album in full on our YouTube channel!

And now, you can also get it in digital format for example on:

Spotify | Apple Music | Google Play | Amazon | Deezer | Supraphonline

The CD version is of course still available on MetalGate e-shop.