Dear friends, yesterday Ceny Břitva announced award recipients for 2018, and we will not lie that the results brought us more than a pleasant surprise:

  • We won the "Company of the year" category
  • MetalGate Czech Death Fest OpenAir scored bronze in the "Concert & festival of the year" category
  • With the third sequel of Kniha kovu, Václav Votruba won the "Book of the year" category 
  • Same goes for ISACAARUM who scored gold in the "Standalone release of the year" category with their commemorative album "Retrorgy", while Postcards From Arkham got bronze in the same category for their acoustic piece "Spirit" 
  • The category "Minialbum & split & single of the year" saw also bronze for the joint venture "Fullmoon Alchemy Narcotic Session" by DROM and Blues For The Redsun
  • Yet another bronze went to NAHUM in the subcategory "Album of the year - ultrametal" for their current full-length "Within Destruction" that also ended 8th in the overall vote for the album of the year
  • The same subcategory also saw Awrizis take the 7th place with "Dreadful Reflection", followed by ANTIGOD's "W.R.A.T.H." on the 8th place
  • Similarly, in the "Discovery of the year" category you will find among the top ten artists INNERSPHERE with their debut "Amnesia" (8th place), as well as DÆRRWIN with their first release "Uv'Derekh" (10th place)

We would hereby like to thank all the publicists, who voted either for us, for MGCDF, or for our releases. At the same time we thank, salute and congratulate all artists signed under us, as well as the whole organizing team of our/your Czech metal feast!

Last but not least, a big thanks to all our fans! As without your continued support, we would not get this far.

Thank you once again and may our march continue!