MetalGate Production News

Dear friends, another batch of live videos from the last year's installment of the Czech metal feast MetalGate Czech Death Fest has arrived!

Dear friends, the third batch of bands confirmed for MetalGate Czech Death Fest 2017 is here! This one is primarily death metal focused, with couple exceptions, as well as contains for the most part seasoned veterans, as four of the bands included are active since 1990s.

Remember how we said that on last year's MGCDF we managed to record several band shows on video? Well, here is the second batch!

Dear friends, on Monday you could see on the pages of Minority Sound and Postcards from Arkham a comprehensive documentary from the recent Octodance European Tour 2016. Given its significance, we could not resist adding a postscript of our own...

Dear friends, to embellish the end of the week some more, we present the second batch of bands confirmed for MGCDF 2017! Last time we were in extreme, yet more traditional, metal waters. Today, we are picking a different angle and heading out, with one exception, to progressive grounds.

Dear friends, last time we, in our ongoing info service pertaining to the ninth installment of MGCDF, promised not to keep you in the dark any longer and reveal the first confirmed bands. So, here they are, and it is an extereme bunch: