MetalGate Production News

Dear friends, let's continue in a new week with our expansion of MGCDF 2017 roster. No, we are not done yet, though we are approaching the finish line. In this batch, we stay on the Czech scene, though shifting into less orthodox waters.

Dear friends, the third act of our ancient epos called Hellenic Darkness is over, and we bring you photos from this séance permeated by Hellenic metal.

Dear friends, the roster of MGCDF vol.9 is still not fully revealed, so please welcome our latest additions. This time it is once again a bit more extreme batch and we keep to the Czech scene.

Dear friends, before we announce more confirmed bands, we have for you the final batch of live videos from MetalGate Czech Death Fest 2016! We shall thus revisit last year's Czech metal feast one last time, today in the company of:

Dear friends, our special festival announcements continue. Two headliners of the ninth installment are known. One remains. And today, we shall tell you who it is.

Dear friends, to expand even more our list of shows for the Spring, we are adding the Nuclear Desert Tour 2017 of the Mesopotamian black-thrash metal horde ARALLU and the Czech black metal pack NAURRAKAR!