MetalGate Production News

Friends, it in for sure needless to ask if you wish to know who plays when. Surely you do, and thus we bring you the complete line-up of this year's ninth installment.

One tour is done, another begins. This Friday already, the gears of the SPRING STORM TOUR 2017 will be set into motion to dominate primarily the Czech stages during the following three weekends! Spearheading this tempest are two seasoned icons of the Czech scene.

It may not look that way, but Spring is here and beside nature, bands are waking up as well and heading out to the world. Thus, in April and May emerged a very interesting constellation of three enterprises that you should not miss, if you are in the region! Let's take a look chronologically:

Dear friends, the final batch of bands for MGCDF 2017 is here! As we were contemplating the alternative part of this year's roster, we came to the conclusion that for completion we are missing some kick-ass electronica.

Dear friends, let's continue in a new week with our expansion of MGCDF 2017 roster. No, we are not done yet, though we are approaching the finish line. In this batch, we stay on the Czech scene, though shifting into less orthodox waters.

Dear friends, the third act of our ancient epos called Hellenic Darkness is over, and we bring you photos from this séance permeated by Hellenic metal.