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Dear friends, today we are returning to the roster of Order of Evil 2019 | CZ, i.e. of the upcoming black mass of the Hellenic icons of VARATHRON and LUCIFER'S CHILD, once again to introduce another nameBarbarian Swords, who are joining the headlining tandem on the whole minitour.

Dear friends, today we will visit the roster of Order of Evil 2019 | CZ, the upcoming October mass devoted to the Hellenic black metal, for the second time to introduce the other half of the headlining tandemLucifer's Child!

Dear friends, time to get our customary info service regarding the next, already 12th, installment of our/your Czech metal feast rolling. As usual, we will first revisit the edition past, i.e. this year's one, in three videos no less.

Dear friends, we are little over a month away from Order of Evil 2019 | CZ, the Czech show of an autumn minitour of two iconic names of the Hellenic black metal scene, and in the meantime, we would like to go over the roster of this black mass, starting of course with the most notable name, i.e. with VARATHRON!

Dear friends, you may recall the opening announcement for the Czech show of the October minitour ORDER OF EVIL. Today, we are following up on this matter, as we bring you some news.

Dear friends, though Autumn is still far away, we have something for you that should not escape your attention. Though we sadly did not manage to pull of another installment of our Hellenic Darkness club festival, Hellenic black metal will have its say this year regardless...