MetalGate Production News

And it was a blast! Our two label bands - cyber metallers MINORITY SOUND and lovecraftian post-rock/metal band POSTCARDS FROM ARKHAM, took central Europe by storm from 15th to 23rd September and spread not only their names but also some notable evil.

The stars are right, the preparations complete and so OCTODANCE EUROPEAN TOUR 2016 of MINORITY SOUND (cyber metal orchestra) and POSTCARDS FROM ARKHAM (Lovecraftian post-rock) can commence!

Dear friends, time to continue the countdown to the pilgrimage of the cult of the Cosmic Chaos, that is, to the Octodance European Tour 2016!

Dear friends, the outburst of the Cosmic Chaos, a.k.a. the Octodance European Tour 2016, is only one week away!

Dear friends, it is time to revisit the upcoming voyage of the envoys of the Cosmis Chaos, for the Octodance European Tour 2016 is about to kick off in two weeks time!

Our melodic blackened death metal pack Secret of Darkness is celebrating 11 years on the scene and shall head out on a small tour around Central Europe for that occassion, ending November 11 in Prague on a special celebration show! Will you join?