Dear friends, the final batch of bands for MGCDF 2017 is here! As we were contemplating the alternative part of this year's roster, we came to the conclusion that for completion we are missing some kick-ass electronica.

And so, we scoured the local scene and now have for you three acts, with different unique styles, yet all infused with electronic samples.

So get ready for:

DENOI (cz)

Brno-based pack established in 2012 under the name Denoisum. Originally a nu-metal act that later came up with the intention of creating modern electronic dance music that would however had the drive of metal and hardcore. And so came the transformation into DENOI, who call their unique blend of metal, rap and electronica, “dance metal”. In 2015, the band released their debut “Disco violence”. The following year, DENOI performed on Masters of Rock festival, as well as on the Polish Woodstock. Now their insane discocircus heads to MGCDF and it will not leave you still. So, everybody move your feet!


Turnov-based synth-core pack established in 2011, whose members draw inspiration from metal, hardcore, rock n’ roll and even 80s synth-pop. So, once again something for those who like the union of guitars and electronic samples. AFD are old acquaintances for us, since they took part in the fifth installment of our MetalGate Massacre contest, wherein they gained the overall bronze position, as well as supported the mighty Samael in 2014 on MetalGate Season Enclosure. The band is currently preparing its debut EP and we are looking forward to seeing them again. Look forward with us!

OTUS (cz)

Hobst by surname. A composer known mainly as the quitarist of the cyber metal squad Minority Sound is coming to MGCDF with his own solo project. Since his creations manifest mainly as video game soundtracks, the geeks among you shall appreciate his show the most. His dark electronic music fuses classic game soundtracks, Breakbeat and Psytrance, even metal and rock approaches with modern epic sound and with a touch of ambient on top. Furthermore, it will be his debut performance, so no fan of complex and unorthodox music should miss this!



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