Dear friends, let's continue in a new week with our expansion of MGCDF 2017 roster. No, we are not done yet, though we are approaching the finish line. In this batch, we stay on the Czech scene, though shifting into less orthodox waters.

So, get ready for:


Should you ever come into contact with the local metal scene in the city of Brno, one of the bands to look out for is ARCH OF HELL. This hydra was established in 2006 as a melodic black metal act, but gradually moved somewhere between symphonic and melodic metal, spiced with a death metal edge. The band discography contains two titles, the debut “One Day” from 2008 and the second full-length “Freakshow” from 2016. The band is also known for organizing their own, very popular, festival in Brno called Waiting for the Winter, which was last year expanded with its spring version Waiting for the Summer. MGCDF already played host to AoH once in 2011, so we welcome them back after six years. Welcome them with us!


Melodic blackened death metal pack established in 2005, when the core of the band’s line-up is formed. The first show took place in February 2006, though only instrumental, for SoD could not find a suitable vocalist. This problem was solved in November of the same year. In 2008, the debut EP “…and the Dark Begins” was released. Two years later, SoD joined the ranks of MetalGate Records that released their both subsequent albums, i.e. “(IN)HUMANITY” in 2008 and “Neotericus Universum in 2014. Gigs-wise, SoD twice supported Rotting Christ on the Hellenic Darkness festival, performed in Norway and Germany, played on Brutal Assault, and visited MGCDF already thrice. All fans of black-death metal in the Scandinavian vein should not miss their fourth return.


It so happens that bands active in metal avant-garde are sometimes difficult to define and/or categorize style-wise. Such is the case of the Prague-based commando SOUL DECODER, established at the turn of 2012 a 13. In February 2014, the band played its live show in Prague Cross Club, and released its debut EP “Turn Off The Sun” in Spring of the following year. Said EP was the only item in the band’s discography until last summer, when a new single “Rotten Roses” was unleashed, announcing a new chapter in SOUL DECODER’s stylistic evolution, i.e. a move from melodic death metal and metalcore towards more technical, more atmospheric, more progressive and more extreme form of expression. Thus, if you are into bands that operate outside genre conventions and follow their own path, you should not miss SOUL DECODER on MGCDF!


Pilsen-based band that was established in 2014, originally as a one-member project, but soon grew into a full-fledged act building on the legacy of the Czech doom metal, which is no suprise, for the band line-up features veterans from bands like Et Moriemus, Dissolving of Prodigy, SSOGE, Llyr or Quercus. It is apt to note that said building on is however done in a specific way that combines funeral doom with depressive black metal, and you can check it out for yourself on the debut album "Theia" which was released last September and quickly gained critical acclaim. Come see for yourself that Czech doom is far from finished!



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