Dear friends, our special festival announcements continue. Two headliners of the ninth installment are known. One remains. And today, we shall tell you who it is.

We are staying in Scandinavia, for the extreme line of our dramaturgy shall be spearheaded by ENTOMBED A.D.!

One of the icons of Scandinavian death metal, established in Stockholm in 1987, originally under the name Nihilist. Two years later, after bass guitarist Johnny Hedlund left the band (to give birth to Unleashed), Entombed was born and gained recognition already with the first album “Left Hand Path” from 1990. The reputation was further solidified with the second piece “Clandestine”, released a year later. Back then, Entombed were blasting an uncompromising Swedish death metal, recognizable primarily by its distinct guitar sound resembling a buzz saw. However, on the third album “Wolverine Blues”, elements of heavy metal and hard rock entered their music, thus bringing forth death 'n' roll, a style that was the trademark of Entombed for years to come. Back to the roots, that is, to pureblooded death metal, the band went as late as 2007, on the album “Serpent Saints – The Ten Amendments”. In 2014, Axel Hellid, last of the founding members, left the band, yet the rest carried on under the vocalist L-G Petrov, thus opening a new chapter, this time under the name ENTOMBED A.D. Their debut “Back To The Front” came out still in that year, and true to its name, brought the band back to the spotlight, or the frontline, if you will. Two years later, the current album “Dead Dawn” was released.

So, if you are a fan of the old Entombed or of the current one, the show of ENTOMBED A.D. should be a must for you!

Enjoy and more next time.

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