Dear friends, time for another batch of confirmed bands! Last batch came from the extreme metal spectrum, so this one revisits this year's second line of dramaturgy - the metal avant-garde and alternative.

Please welcome:


Since part of this year’s MGCDF dramaturgy is going avant-garde, we are adding another distinguished guest from this scene – the Norwegian act ABYSSIC, which originated with the project Abyssic Dreams of Memnock and Aethera, members of Susperia. Said project was active in 1997 and then went silent for a long time. It was reformed in 2016, this time as a full-fledged band, the ranks of which contain, beside the aforementioned gentlemen, other seasoned veterans, i.e. Tjodalv (ex-Dimmu Borgir, Susperia), Makhashanah (ex-Sirenia) and Elvorn (Susperia). Music-wise, get ready for atmospheric funeral death/doom combined with progressive elements and using uncommon instruments, such as contrabass, minimoog (a monophonic analog synthesizer) and mellotron (electro mechanic keyboard sampler), which is bound to leave a strong impression indeed.

DROM (cz)

From the local avant-garde comes to MGCDF 2017 another icon of the Czech post-metal/sludge/dark hardcore, i.e. DROM, established in 2010 and gaining first recognition a year later with the release of their debut album “I”. Next year, the band added first a split with Naiada, followed by the second album “Hectop”. Another split came in 2014, this time with Moro Moro Land, and the following year DROM made an anthology containing all their previous releases. The band is not idle also in terms of live shows, since they toured Europe several times. Now, they are coming to us and since they are amidst preparations of a new album, let us hope that besides the established repertoire, we will hear some new stuff. Either way, you should not miss their show.


As we prowl the avant-garde waters, we should omit those approaches that draw incorporate electronic music to a significant degree. And we will not, since MGCDF 2017 shall be revisited by the Czech industrial black metal project GORGONEA PRIMA, established in 2008 with their debut EP “Beyond the Borders of Abnormality”. Two years later, the band released their first studio album “Black Coal Depression”, which gained critical acclaim both at home and abroad. The following years are filled mainly with live shows, yet new songs slowly start to take shape, with their final form being the second studio album “Brownfields”, planned for this year. Get ready!


Envoys of rum delirium, who formed in Spring 2006 from several odd individuals as a crossover act. Given that the founding members were involved in various music styles, the music of VOLUPTAS was from the onset very diverse music-wise, with dominant alternative rock and punk overtones. Over time, the band underwent quite a few line-up changes, as well as moved to darker waters involving black, doom and even hardcore. Last year, they released their debut piece “Ved Rums Ende”, rich with avant-garde compositional approaches and ideas. If this is your cup of rum, be sure to see their show.


The new blood of the Czech avant-garde. Although the band is active only since last year, its ranks contain seasoned musicians from 5Symbols, Born Again, Smashed Face, Shadow Area, Kiss The Sun, The Sea Chamber and Of the Woods. Expect however no metalcore filled with breakdowns, but rather a pitch black post-black metal/shoegaze full of emotions, melodies and sadness. Worth checking out!



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