Dear friends, we promised more confirmed bands and we deliver, though this time it is a special announcement. Today's batch contains only one name, but it is of the first of the three headliners for the 2017 installment.

Please welcome DIABOLICAL!

JOne of the icons of the Swedish death metal that however since its inception in 1996 stubbornly transgressed (and still does) the established conventions of this subgenre, whereby surprising fans and critics alike. The first breakthrough to a wider recognition came between 2000 and 2002 with the release, in a rather quick succession, of the first three entries into the band’s discography; those being the debut EP “Deserts of Desolation” (2000), the first studio album “Synergy” (2001) and its successor “A Thousand Deaths” (2002). After the release of the last of the mentioned titles, the band toured Europe several times alongside Amon Amarth, Vomitory and Defleshed. For the next creations, fans would have to wait a while, but then DIABOLICAL unleashed four more albums – “The Gallery of Bleeding Art” (2008), “Ars Vitae” (2011), “Neogenesis” (2013) and “Umbra” (2016) – that brought the band’s music into brand new heights.

It is apt to note that this will be the first visit of DIABOLICAL to MGCDF, so be sure not to miss their show!

Enjoy and more next time.

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