Dear friends, the fourth batch of bands confirmed for MetalGate Czech Death Fest 2017 is here! Last time we covered more less traditional ground, so today let us get back to the second vein of this year's installment's dramaturgy, to the metal avant-garde.

So get ready for:


When we say BLUES FOR THE REDSUN, some of you may recall the eponymous 1992 album by Kyüss. However, we mean a Czech act that took this album name for its own, with a little inspiration on the side, and that is about it as far as similarities are concerned. For BFTR, established in 2010, are one of the icons of Czech sludge (yes, there will be a lot of it on MGCDF this year), which in their case is further combined with ambient, drone, as well as funeral doom. Their discography is small, but makes up for it with the length of individual compositions. In 2014, BFTR unleashed their first 19 minutes long single “Dopehead – Echoes of the Redlight” on a split album with V rukou osudu; a year later, the demo “Waiting for Enlightenment” was released, containing two tracks with 26 minutes of total time; and last January, another single, “Deadspace – Knocking on the Cemetary Gates”, came out, this time 18 minutes long. You could witness their qualities last year either on Brutal Assault, or during the Suomi Weird Spring, when BFTR supported Dark Buddha Rising. And if you still have not had the chance to get acquainted, you can make amends on MGCDF 2017.

SEDNA (it)

Since we are delving into the avant-garde and experimental strains of metal this year, we shall throw experimental black metal into the mix, or rather post black spiced with sludge, drone, ambient and doom, represented on MGCDF 2017 by SEDNA from central Italy, whose name equally relates to the eponymous Inuit goddess of sea and the eponymous minor planet located on the edge of the Solar system. The band discography begins with the demo “O” from 2011, followed by the debut “Sedna” from 2014 and by the second studio album “Eterno” from last October. Get ready for raw, aggressive, yet atmospheric and composition-wise elaborate musical experience. So be sure not to miss it.


This year’s MGCDF line-up features several Benelux acts. One of those is the black metal pack SAILLE, which was established in 2009, initially as a one-time, one-man project, but grew into a full-fledged band over the course of the following year. In 2011, SAILLE debut “Irreversible Decay” came out, as well as their first live performance took place. In 2013, the band released their second studio album “Ritu”, dedicated to death rites of ancient cultures and to the weird universe of H. P. Lovecraft, as well as set out on their first tour alongside Negura Bunget. The successor of “Ritu”, “Eldritch”, came out in the following year and was presented live on numerous club and festival shows around Europe. The next studio album, “Gnosis”, is planned for March 2017, so you can look forward to hearing it on MGCDF 2017. Do not expect however the orthodox black metal, for SAILLE are known for utilizing a wide range of classical and unusual instruments, mainly string and brass ones, but also Theremin for instance. There is much to look forward to then.

TANK86 (nl)

The next envoy of Benelux on MGCDF 2017 are the Dutch stoner/sludge instrumentalists TANK86, who formed in 2005 and released their debut EP “Ariba” at the same year. Three years later, the second EP “Behold” came out, followed in 2011 by the debut album “Rise”. In 2012, the band played on the iconic Roadburn festival, and in 2015 released its second studio album “Obey”. Since their beginnings, TANK86 follow a clear approach to their music, which is based on heavy riffs and unconventional song structure with a complete absence of vocals, which promises quite an experience to be sure.


Also from Benelux, specifically from Belgium, hails ZYGOMA, originally a death metal band established in 2008, which over time evolved into a mathcore/progressive/experimental act. It should not be an altogether unfamiliar name for the local fans, since ZYGOMA already performed on Czech stages. The band discography contains three scores, i.e. “FLESH.MADE.VOID” demo from 2010, the debut album “The Forgotten” from 2013 and the second studio piece “The Highest Court” which was released last May. Get ready then for an unorthodox madness!



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