Dear friends, the third batch of bands confirmed for MetalGate Czech Death Fest 2017 is here! This one is primarily death metal focused, with couple exceptions, as well as contains for the most part seasoned veterans, as four of the bands included are active since 1990s.

So, get ready for:


Czech brutal death/HC pack POPPY SEED GRINDER surely needs no lengthy introduction, for it is active on the local scene since 1997, and since then found its fans abroad as well, as it tours frequently outside Czech borders. The most recent appearance of PSG on MGCDF took place in 2015, so it is time for a reprise, with an added incentive being that in August 2016, the band released a new album “Bleeding Civilization”.


Mexico will be represented this year after all, for from there hails the death metal squad ARMADA, established in 2009, that has rather strong ties to the Czech scene. While touring Europe in 2015, the band played several shows in Czech Republic, including festivals such as AFOD or Eternal Hate Fest. A year later, ARMADA joined the Czech tandem Inferno and Panychida during their Mexican tour, and will take it up again this February when teaming up with MGCDF co-organizers Tortharry during their incursion into Mexico. Additionally, the band also supported Hate, Enslaved or Malevolent Creation during their shows in Mexico. To MGCDF 2017 Armada shall arrive with their current album “Rebellion My Religion” from 2014. Check them out!


Our next foreign guest, the blackened industrial death metal act MARTYRIUM from the Mediterranean archipelago of Malta, is no stranger to Czech stages, given their Central European Tour in 2014. This band is active since 1999 and is one of the pioneers of extreme, black infused, metal in Malta. MARTYRIUM released thus far four studio albums, with the latest, “Destiny Wore A Bondage Mask” coming out in March last year. The band also hosts two Maltese festivals – Dark Winter Meeting and Voices Of The Succubi, which is an event focused exclusively on female fronted acts. The MARTYRIUM show promises to be a strong experience, so be sure not to miss it!


Not omitting the German metal scene, MGCDF 2017 shall host the progressive death metal act PROFANITY, which is around since 1993 and that means a rich record of live shows in clubs and on festivals from Maryland Deathfest to Obscene Extreme. This year, the band is about to release its latest album “The Art of Sickness” and so hopefully some of the new stuff will be played during their show here.


Again, from the local scene comes the Czech thrash metal legend SHAARK that was established in 1991, and was also behind the founding of the eponymous recording studio. The band released three demos and four studio albums, the latest of which “Again With Hatred” came out in 2005, as well as supported several global thrash icons, such as Sodom, Holy Moses, Exodus or Testament. It will be their premier appearance on MGCDF, so give them a warm welcome!



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