Dear friends, last time we, in our ongoing info service pertaining to the ninth installment of MGCDF, promised not to keep you in the dark any longer and reveal the first confirmed bands. So, here they are, and it is an extereme bunch:


One of the icons of the Czech grindcore scene, established in 1999, originally as a side project of musicians from Alienation Mental, Intervalle Bizarre or Oxyrbl, but gradually emerging as a full-fledged band. Since its inception, its members shared interest in the early cult horror films of Peter Jackson and in the UG techno music, which the band incorporated into its music, thus creating its most likely primary signature. In 2005, AG split up, but came back in 2011, eventually reforming into the very original line-up. Thus, you should not miss this sick disco on MGCDF 2017!

GRUNT (pt)

While on the subject of electro grind, we present you another act in this vein, this time from abroad, i.e. Portugal, named Grunt, which was established in 2010 and released its two studio albums under the Czech label Bizarre Leprous. Although the history of Grunt is relatively short, the band gained solid reputation at the forefront of this sub-genre, as well as played live alongside its icons, e.g. Bolt Thrower, Benediction, Brutal Truth, or Cock and Ball Torture. Now, they head to our festival and we hope you will be there to meet them.


This gore grind poop-squad needs no elaborate introduction, as you surely at least heard about it. After all, it is not their first visit to MGCDF. Gutalax is rampaging across Czech and world stages since 2009 and during that time, they have been all over the place, including Mexico, or the big European festivals, such as Summer Breeze and With Full Force. In short, this shitstorm is one you will enjoy :-)


Grind once again, as well as a rerun, for Ingrowing, who are grinding since 1995, also already played on MGCDF. The band history is rich with notable milestones, such as a tour across Southeast Asia, repeated appearances on the acclaimed Maryland Death Fest, or twice supporting the iconic Napalm Death, whereby the second this year’s show also heralded the return of Ingrowing onto the stage after a two-year long break. And since they are back, it would be a shame, if they missed MGCDF. So, be there to give them a helluva welcome!


This year, MGCDF hosted the porn-grind from Mexico, next year we shall bring you from Latin America the thrash from Chile, namely the band Nuclear, which was established in 2003 and thus far released five studio albums, two live albums, one live DVD, and played hundreds of live shows around the globe, including Brutal Assault, where you could saw them in 2015. We shall host them for the first time and to that we say mucho gusto.


Enjoy a more next time!

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