Dear friends, today we would like to present you the official merchandise of the eighth installment of the Czech metal feast MetalGate Czech Death Fest!

This time we shall leave aside the colored versions, meaning that this year's merch shall be all black, however on the other hand our festival t-shirts shall bear two motifs for you to choose from.

Beside the usual festival design, authored by our court designer Martin "Hadgi" Stoklosinski, whom you may know from his involvement in bands Antigod, Disfigured Corpse and Felisha, there will be a special variant thereof, created by one of the Czech maters of metal art, Jaromír "Deather" Bezruč. We shall have t-shirts for ladies, gents, and even kids so that no one falls short.

And that is not all! Another items include sleeveless shirts, stylish shorts and more stylish hats. There is plenty to choose from.

So, do not forget to drop by the official merch stand of MGCDF 2016!