Dear friends, there is one other change in the roster of the upcoming 13th installment of our/your Czech metal feast after all. Sadly, the local squad Wictims had to withdraw since their drummer suddenly left their ranks and until a new one is found, the band is not able to play live. Instead of deathcore, we are thus heading to the acoustic territories, since MGCDF now welcomes with his solo project:


Known primarily for his bands POSTCARDS FROM ARKHAM and AWRIZIS, though also being at one point involved in the iconic act DISSOLVING OF PRODIGY, Marek Frodys Pytlik gradually became a distinct and respectable persona of the Czech metal scene. An active musician, Frodys recently launched his solo career vis-á-vis the Weirdfolk album, offering a fragile and introspective music that peacefully floats in the waters of acoustic folk and post rock. And it is this solo project that Frodys shall present on MGCDF 2022! Fans can thus look forward to a nice break of pace that should not be missed not only by fans of the atmospheric POSTCARDS FROM ARKHAM. It is a journey into Frodys’s soul, as in fact he himself considers the music of Weirdfolk his most personal expression to date.


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