Dear friends, for the third, and thus hopefully last, time, we have a change on the roster of the upcoming 13th installment of our/your Czech metal feast, as the British Sodomized Cadaver will not make it due to logistical reasons. All death metal maniacs will not fall short however, since we can now thus welcome the German butchers of:


Fancy some technical death metal? PROFANITY of Germany bring exactly that, and of the highest quality one should add! These seasoned veterans are no strangers to Czech fans and every single time it was something to behold. Surely it will be so on MGCDF 2022 as well! After all, these guys have plenty of live gigs behind their belt, being around since 1993. And that they are still very much alive and blasting, can be heard on their latest 2020 full-length “Fragments of Solace”. In short, a demanding yet very enjoyable extreme metal, wherein in one moment you bear witness to guitar masterwork, and moshing like crazy in the next!


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