Dear friends, today we are commencing with already seventh batch of bands confirmed for the upcoming 13th installment of our/your Czech metal feast. Again we are staying primarily on the local scene, but even so we find ourselves abroad one more time. Genre-wise, we are tuning into the extreme, as well as the progressive or the multigenre. Please welcome: 


The Italians SHORES OF NULL certainly dare to venture beyond conventions. Their latest full-length “Beyond the Shores (On Death and Dying) is but one track: long, incredibly diverse, full of various emotions and boundlessly ambitious. There is no straightforward one category into which SHORES OF NULL would fit. In one moment, they revel in funeral doom, only to morph into gothic melancholy in the next, only to awaken the black metal beast at the end. A dark sermon with a band that is gaining more and more recognition on the metal scene. Rightfully so!


The metal music stagnates not, quite the contrary… Many times, it is pushed forward by visionaries who are not afraid to go beyond the known and seek new pathways. If you fancy modern progressive metal, you should not miss the locals BETWEEN THE PLANETS. Originally a solo project of the guitarist Martin “Spacosh” Peřina which soon became a full-fledged band that has been around for ten years. You could have seen them on MGCDF in the past, as well as on Brutal Assault, or supporting the legendary MESHUGGAH. BETWEEN THE PLANETS are an impressive atmospheric act that can move you even without any vocals.


The Prague-based VOLUPTAS shall bring to MGCDF 2022 the true black metal filth. Their music shall both delight the old-school worshipers of the classic northern black metal and captivate those who revel in the more experimental shades of the genre. The grafting of psychedelics onto a straightforward mayhem results in an impressive coagulation that is tailor-made to all fans of early ULVER or VIRUS. The qualities of VOLUPTAS were made abundantly clear by their 2020 full-length “Towards the Great White Nothing”.


The mystical Golem of the novelist Gustav Meyrink and black metal? In 2020, this concept was ushered in by SOMNIATE and could not go unnoticed; all the more that the founders of this new band are veteran musicians from bands such as BRUTALLY DECEASED or ET MORIEMUR. The release of “The Meyrinkian Slumber” full-length was simply put a major happening on the Czech scene. The fresh, modern and majestically atmospheric music was successfully transposed to the concert stages as well, and you will have the chance to see and hear for yourself on MGCDF 2022. And lest we forget… SOMNIATE are already working on a new album. Will it be a blast? No question there!


PIKODEATH belong to the veterans of Czech extreme metal. Established in 1998, they initially played thrash metal, which stayed in their music in the years that followed, though the band was at the same time moving towards more and more heavyweight stuff stemming from death metal and grindcore. To this day they are blasting left and right, and it shows that the musicians involved really found themselves in this brutal onslaught. Seek nothing romantic here, this music shatters bones!

Enjoy and more bands again soon!

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