Dear friends, as there are never enough bands, we are heading straight into another, already fifth, batch of names confirmed for the upcoming 13th installment of our/your Czech metal feast. For now, we are putting the international scene aside, instead heading on the Czech lands, since the local scene has its traditional unreplaceable station at MGCDF. Please welcome:


A South Bohemian powerhouse that is not fooling around, blasting its fans with fast-paced grindcore fused with black metal arrangements. Though YTIVARG started as a studio project, they are a full-fledged band since 2015, quickly gaining recognition among genre fans. That is of course of little surprise, since the mastermind behind the whole enterprise is the guitarist F.C, who was a longtime member of the legendary ISACAARUM. In fact, it is in their footsteps that YTIVARG is more less following, at least music-wise, as the band image is about a whole different passion… a passion for electrical engineering! It is apt to note that in their recent history, YTIVARG released two full-lengths – “Wardenclyffe” (2017) and “The Forgotten Past” (2020).


HORRIBLE CREATURES entered the local scene as a whirlwind. Already their debut EP “Depressive Hunt” from 2015 mandated attention, while the two years younger successor full-length “Pitfall” was a bullet right between the eyes. Their music is simply impressive and their live shows equally so. During their career, the band appeared alongside ENTOMBED A.D., INFECTED RAIN, NERVOSA, PRO-PAIN or SOULFLY, and performed in Hungary or Poland. It is apt to note that on their latest EP “Internal Decline”, HORRIBLE CREATURES worked with the acclaimed producer Tue Madsen. A band that has drive, speed and groove. A band you will enjoy!


Forget the new trends… with EXORCIZPHOBIA it is all about the past! Of the time when thrash metal was revelation that swept through the metal like a mighty storm. When EXORCIZPHOBIA play, you can feel that the music is made by those who simply love “their” genre. And such enthusiasm is infectious indeed. One of the most distinct Czech thrash metal bands by every right that will be a kick for all fans of ANTHRAX, OVERKILL or the early MEGADETH. And lest we forget, the guys recently released a splendid EP “Friend Of Lunacy”.


Tachov-based NEUROTIC MACHINERY started as a death metal outfit, though they soon found the genre constraints too limiting. The desire to experiment and move past the set boundaries was stronger, gradually moving them somewhere into post-metal territories. That does not mean however that they have been declawed. Quite the contrary, their latest full-length “Nocturnal Misery” from 2020 is their most extreme album to date! NEUROTIC MACHINERY are a fascinating phenomenon of the Czech extreme metal scene, having played many shows (also abroad), released six albums and several music videos. And in case you wish to get acquainted with their history before you arrive to MGCDF 2022, try the excellent 2012 EP “Exi(s)t” or the 2015 full-length “Causality Principle”!


The local female fronted scene has since 2019 a new iron in the fire so to speak – the Prague-based STELLARIS with the excellent vocalist Nicol at the forefront! Modern metal, heavy and intense, yet melodic, along with diverse vocals and a clear vision that the band resolutely follows. For this year, STELLARIS are preparing their full-length debut, which will certainly not go unnoticed. And we are equally certain that neither will their show on MGCDF 2022!

More confirmed bands are coming up in February, so stay tuned!


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