Dear friends, we came across a potentially problematic oddity we must inform you about.

We discovered by chance (and afterwards some of you also informed us of this matter), someone created in April on Facebook a page called "MetalGate Czech Death Fest" and then also an event "MetalGate Czech Death Fest 2021". Both the page and the event are using our visuals, and some texts even, even though WE HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH EITHER!

Since this second festival page and its event seems to be set up in way to be easily mistaken for our official profiles, it is necessary to inform you of this matter, as in case this turns out to be some attempt to act as us without us knowing about it, we would not want to see you falling for it.

So, the ONLY official FB page of MGCDF is this one!

The ONLY official FB event of MGCDF is this one!

Thus, please ignore any announcements and/or offers that do not appear here and/or on the profiles of the co-organizers MetalGate and Tortharry, just to be safe!

Thank you for your attention.